Havaintoharha is a Finnish word and it means ”illusion,” a disortion of the senses. Illusions disort our perception of reality. How do we know for sure that the things we sense are real?
Optical illusions are the best-known of the illusions. Faces on toasts, figures amidst greenery… Can we surely trust our eyes?
Think about that.


Hi, I am Mio! Forever-Young -years-old, a colorist of the ordinary life – as Life is my coloring book!

I draw illustrations and comics.
I take photos and do photomanipulations.
I maintain websites and -stores, and social media.

My English is quite fluent too! Except when spoken as I haven’t used it that much, unfortunately. But the more I speak, the better I get – I wont let it slow me down!

I truly enjoy making other people smile – coloring the grey ordinary life comes naturally from me!

The most important thing for me is THE FREEDOM TO TRULY BE YOUR TRUE SELF, and I do hope that my own attitude makes this life even a slightly better place. Being different is richness! Let’s be glad that we are not copies of one another!

I hope that in the future I’ve found my own place in this world. Wherever the road takes me, may it include many wonderful and amazing places, lots of bittersweet memories, and the possibility to grow me as a person, on my journey to The Great Somewhere.

But enough of me, I would be SO EXCITED to hear from you!
Contact me, I will not bite. ;D

…. that hard, at least.

……… Maybe a bit, just for the taste.